شنبه 16 آبان‌ماه سال 1388

Looks that The Science Education Review is more serious than that I thought before. It apears that over 33 international journals, plus new books, are reviewed for The Science Education Review. This review also contains original articles, research, and much more. So if you have so many great ideas, but so little time, read less and learn more by having a look on it.

Unfortunately I cannot subscribe, as I am not able to transfer currencies abroad. That seems a little bit strange for those who do know much about the situation where we live! But at least I try to get a free trial password, which is easily obtainable from its website.

Learn more about SPIM (Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy). This technology allows scientists, for the first time, to study live systems from many different angles, under real conditions and with minimal disruption to the specimen.

National Biology Competition in Canada
Although not very new, but worth a visit to National Biology Competition done by University of Toronto:
 The 10th annual competition was written by 5,812 eligible contestants at 446 schools on April 29, 2004: 437 schools from across Canada, six in Brunei Darussalem, and one each in Texas, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Over 47,000 students have participated in the competition since 1995. Learn more...