شنبه 16 آبان‌ماه سال 1388

The International Biology Olympiad (IBO), is a competition of mind and  an annual event for the world's best biology students at secondary school. The aims of the IBO are to promote a career in science for talented students and to stress the importance of biology in our current society. The IBO is also a celebration of international relationships amongst our youth and stimulates contact between students and teachers from many countries in a friendly environment. The IBO2005's official languages are English and Russian. To provide equal opportunities for all participants, the tests will be translated prior to the testing days. This will be done by each country's own team leaders and jurors.


Find both theoretical and practical tasks from the 13th International Biology Olympiad (Latvia 2002)on the official webpage of the 13th IBO. Both html and PDF formats are available.

IBO 2005

I have been under pressure to update this page too, as many people who visit "Biology Olympiads"  send questions to me to be answered. Although I have replayed to many of them, but, I think that the easiest choice is to activate this forgotten blog.
There are some news in Iran. Now we have made our Biology team, comprising 4 competitors (2 boys+2 girls). They are prepared to participate in the IBO 2005 in Beijing. I am still in darkness how many countries will participate, but for sure the number of teams will be maximum. China is a different IBO organizer, as most of Gold medalist often have been Chinese competitors. See IBO 2005 webpage>>