شنبه 16 آبان‌ماه سال 1388

Campbell Biology, Sixth Edition
In IBO guide 2003 you read "Biology 5th edition by Campbell, Publ. Addison Wesley Longman" is a general biology textbook.
But the book has been updated and the 6th edition has already been published and you can have a free trial subscription to it. This one-time subscription will give you full access to all of the content on the site except for the E-Book. Click here for subscription

Holistic view of Biology
Peter O’Donoghu and John de Jersey Co-Chief Examiners of 15th IBO wrote in the very welcomed invitation letter that:
We consider biology to be a holistic, multidisciplinary science. Accordingly, questions will not be grouped into blocks according to the sub-disciplines of biology.
That's  great. The holistic multidisciplinary view is ultimate. cheers!

1st round
The first round of Iranian Biology olympiad(IrBO) for 2004 will be on Friday Feb. 6th 2004. IrBO is a multistage competition for students of max. 18  years old, who are studing in Iranian schools.